Quality Assurance-Flexitech Engineering

GST: 09AAHFF8207B1ZN | Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

As conveyor setups and machine manufacturing is our specialization, and to support or maintain that, we use the most advanced and upgraded tools and equipment at our facility. Flexitech Engineering always carefully measures the quality of every machine and conveyor setup to ensure our customers will be satisfied with the machine's overall performance. We own a dedicated quality assurance department where specialists evaluate each machine for industry-specific parameters. At this stage, our quality specialist checks the machine for their overall functioning and checks whether do machines obey all the industry standards for export purposes. Our high-tech facility allows our teams to watch the entire manufacturing process from one place and help our engineers with minor detailing of machines. Our professionals always assist our clients with the machines we deliver to their doors. These are vital characteristics of our firm that help us uphold and maintain the quality of our products.

Legal Status: Partnership
Nature of Business
Year of Establishment
Age of Company
4 Years
3-5 Cr
Man Power
1 - 50
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